Principles of Fitness Training Design

The journey to physical fitness is a series of experiments. It is our task to figure out which exercise routines, training designs, and other activities will fit for us. We try and try different ways to figure out what´s right and what will allow our bodies to adapt. In my own journey, I avoid heavy routines as it might worsen my physical weakness which is my thoracic dextroscoliosis. Warm up is very important especially when you are just starting to have exercise again or you have been in a long hiatus in heavy physical workouts. In my case, I always warm up since I am not really consistent with the routines that I am doing (with the help of an app). Proper breathing and rest between routines are encouraged in the app I am using so, I can say that I am following the basics.

Learning these following principles of fitness training helped me understand more the importance of consistency and other factors that may affect the journey as whole.

The following are the links to Principles of Fitness Training Design:

What is the primary aim of physical training?

Should everybody follow the warm up policy before doing the regular routine of a workout?

Does your body needs a specific time to rest between workout days?

What is the role of oxygen during exercise or doing any physical activity?

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  1. Hi Andrea! The links you’ve given are helpful for most people in terms of understanding our own bodies. I hope a lot will apply what we have learned as we go beyond our fitness journey. Good luck to your fitness journey! Stay safe and well :>

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