How this Online Forum Changed My Daily Habits

The online lecture/forum has been very informative and educational. All the subtopics were very relevant and timely. The first point that I remember is the significant difference between “drug” and “medicine”. Also, the topic where the categories of substances were discussed struck me because I take sleeping pills for quite a while now and I learned that there will be serious effects to my physical body if overused or abused. I learned that sleeping pills can cause depression and mood instability, and that gave me light on why my anxiety and mood have been this way since the quarantine. I had hard time falling asleep during this pandemic, so I decided to take sleeping pills, but after the forum, I decided to control or minimize my use of it and try to establish a more stable routine. In addition, I also learned that caffeine could be a stimulant to substance abuse, so I also must be mindful. Substance use has short-term and long-term effects not only on the physical body but on the overall being. I am now in my young adulthood and still vulnerable to the risky behavior of being dependent or abuse by substance use, with this forum, I became more mindful of what medicine to take and food to eat for a healthier me.

The forum has also been an eye-opener to the current social issues and happenings. I liked how the speaker, Prof. Duka-Pante, discussed how substance abusers should be treated as patients and not criminals. I have always been bothered by how substance abusers were treated especially with the war on drugs started by President Duterte.

I learned a lot of new things in this online lecture and I will look forward to more forums and online lectures in the future. I will apply my learnings to my everyday life.

(note: the date is one day ahead because I did the draft on March 28)

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