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In this blog, I will discuss how I plan my daily and weekly diet. And to give you an overview, I am not into a certain kind of diet but I keep in mind healthy and balanced food. Since I live alone in an apartment, I do not have much to prepare when it comesContinue reading “FOOD PLANNER”

How this Online Forum Changed My Daily Habits

The online lecture/forum has been very informative and educational. All the subtopics were very relevant and timely. The first point that I remember is the significant difference between “drug” and “medicine”. Also, the topic where the categories of substances were discussed struck me because I take sleeping pills for quite a while now and IContinue reading “How this Online Forum Changed My Daily Habits”


DAY 1 time: 5: 34 AM pulse rate: 72 DAY 2 time: 6: 15 AM pulse rate: 72 DAY 3 time: 6: 00 AM pulse rate: 68


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Andrea Dasoy is a BES student at the University of the Philippines – Open University. This blog site was designed and intended for 
PE1 Foundations of Physical Fitness.

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